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Farm sensory bin

Farm sensory bin


Farm 🚜 🐖 sensory bin

With an oink and a moo and a cock-a-doodle do, this fun farm set is all set to reach you doorsteps!!

Farm sensory bin is fantastic for children, as they unveil up a world of open ended play opportunities, sensory output, language development, fine motor skills and cognitive growth. Lil Hands sensory kit allow your  children's imaginations to run wild as they feed their farm animals hay, dump, scoop, pour and feel the rice/clay sifting through their fingers, sing songs as they care for their animals and create unique play scenes, bringing the characters to life with their own words and thoughts! What a gift it is to see their little minds work and they learn and explore using this fantastic kit!

Farm sensory bin contains

1. Green rice

2. Brown rice

3. Yellow clay

4. Blue clay

5. Red clay

6. Farm animals 6 (random)

7. Tree 2

8. Fences

9. Bird n egg

10. Mini Bucket

11. Paper shreds

12. Scoop

13. Pebbles8

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