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Frequently Asked Questions


We understand it's important for you to know what your little one is playing with so we are happy to share our ingredients. We use flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, food essence to scent and food coloring to color. 

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How do I keep my dough fresh?

Play with it often and always put it back in a sealed container after play. Store in a cool dark place. If dough dries or is less soft, give it a good knead with your hands and if required add a few drops of water/ oil and continue kneading to restore softness. If the dough is left in direct sunlight for long periods the colors could change, usually, it just needs a good knead to restore a consistent color through it. 

How to take care of rainbow clay?

1. Don't worry about the white particles, eventually, it disappears as you work the dough!

2. To avoid change in consistency please place it back in the container provided after every play session.

3. If it is dried up, please do not discard! Instead, to restore consistency just add few drops of hot water and oil and knead it well.

4.  During humid conditions/ monsoon as the air contains lots of moisture the dough instead of getting dried will become watery. In that case you add a little

all-purpose flour and knead it to get its shape back.

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